Retain More Clients.

Write More Policies.

Coverage Insight is a software tool designed to help insurance agents get the most out of their book of business by making customer insurance review meetings as insightful as possible. The principles involved in Coverage Insight’s features focus on improving client retention, uncovering new policy sales, and ultimately making more money. 

Build Your Agency Value with Coverage Insight

With over a decade of experience working with insurance agents, we have identified what makes an insurance agency successful. Coverage Insight utilizes the principles and practices used by the most successful insurance agents in the nation to help you improve the value of your insurance agency.

Generate New Sales

When you meet with clients to review their coverage and life circumstances, you naturally uncover opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell new policies. Agents who regularly meet with clients write 72% more policies than agents who don’t. Coverage Insight walks you step-by-step through how to conduct an effective customer insurance review meeting while automatically gathering new sales opportunities along the way.

Retain More Clients

When your clients understand the value you provide as an insurance expert, they are likely to stick around for the long haul. Conducting customer review meetings demonstrates your expertise. Give your clients an impressive, personal experience with your review meetings. Coverage Insight helps you conduct a full review of your clients’ policies and provides custom take-home deliverables when the meeting is completed.

Manage Future Opportunities

Coverage Insight automatically keeps track of your future sales opportunities. You can assign sales tasks, policy servicing, or follow-up actions to any staff member in your office. View all open opportunities in a single dashboard. Coverage Insight organizes your future opportunities and helps your office run more smoothly so you can focus on what you do best instead of managing your calendar and staff.

Agent Preparation

Coverage Insight walks you through every step you need to take to prepare for a productive, insightful customer insurance review meeting. Review your clients’ policies, past concerns, and upcoming milestones.

Client Needs Assessment

Before conducting a customer insurance review meeting, send an email with an online needs assessment questionnaire to your clients. Their responses will automatically be recorded and prepared for your meeting.

Customer Insurance Review

Coverage Insight walks you and your client through a customer insurance review presentation that results in a meaningful meeting for your client, while allowing you to record action items and sales opportunities as you go.

Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Insurance Agency

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