The best way to uncover new sales opportunities is to meet with your clients for customer insurance review meetings. To save you time and money, we can call your clients on your behalf to set appointments for you. This way, we’ll get your clients in the door so you can focus on servicing and selling new policies

Our Simple Appointment Setting Process

1. Select an appointment package
2. Set up appointment availabilities in the agent portal
3. Upload your client list to the agent portal
4. Our callers set appointments. You conduct more meetings

Features of Appointment Setting

Many agents try to have an internal staff member set customer review appointments. We have spent years developing the most effective processes for making calls and setting appointments, and to be frank, internal callers cannot compete with our efficiency. Click-to-call software, a world-class workforce, and our agent portal make our abilities unparalleled.

Appointment Setting Features

When we call, the caller ID displays your agency name along with your local area code.

Our callers use a script approved by major corporate offices.

When your clients forget to show up for scheduled appointments, we’ll replace up to 3 per month at no charge.

We provide standard services in English and Spanish

We make reminder calls the day before each appointment

Our one-of-a-kind agent portal puts you in control of managing your schedule conflicts, appointment times, customer names, and program success

We are significantly less expensive than internal callers. After management, wages, and efficiency are considered, there’s no contest.

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