We’ve worked with thousands of insurance agents for over a decade. We’ve found that the most successful insurance agents focus on getting the most out of their existing book of business by meeting with their existing clients on a regular basis for Customer Insurance Reviews. That’s why Coverage Insight is designed around customer insurance review meetings and making them as effective as possible.

What is Coverage Insight?

• Software to have more insightful customer review meetings
• The most reliable method for uncovering sales opportunities
• A proven program to improve client retention rates
• A process to gather information and simplify your workload

Software Features

To be as effective as possible when conducting customer insurance review meetings, you should have a set process in place. Coverage Insight gathers all the information you need for a successful meeting into one platform. The software walks you through an agent preparation section, allows you to send a needs assessment to your clients and records responses, and walks you step-by-step through a customer insurance review presentation while allowing you to record action items and sales opportunities along the way.

Features of Coverage Insight:

See all upcoming meetings, future sales opportunities, and your next steps on a single dashboard.

Send your clients a needs assessment survey to prepare for your meetings, all online from the software.

The software walks you through everything you need to know to be ready for an effective customer insurance review meeting.

The software automatically loads all relevant information into a meeting presentation and walks you through every step you need to take to conduct a thorough review.

At the conclusion of your meeting, you have the option to print or send a copy of your review and action items to your client, along with any additional information they may want about new policies.

When you identify an action item or new sales opportunity during a meeting, the software automatically adds them to the dashboard for your future reference.

Assign opportunities or action items to members of your office staff. You can then sort these action items and print or email to manage your staff’s workload.

Our software includes a referral system to automatically send gift cards of your choice to clients who give referrals and referred clients who sign up.

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Benefits of Coverage Insight


Generate New
Sales Opportunities

When you meet with clients to review their coverage and life circumstances, you naturally uncover opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell new policies. Agents who regularly meet with clients write 72% more policies than agents who don’t. Coverage Insight walks you step-by-step through how to conduct an effective policy review meeting while automatically gathering new sales opportunities along the way.


Improve Client
Retention Rates

When your clients understand the value you provide as an insurance expert, they are likely to stick around for the long haul. Conducting policy reviews demonstrates your expertise. Give your clients an impressive, personal experience with your review meetings. Coverage Insight helps you conduct a full review of your clients’ policies and provides custom take-home deliverables when the meeting is completed.


Manage Future Opportunities
& Staff Workload

Coverage Insight automatically keeps track of your future sales opportunities. You can assign sales tasks, policy servicing, or follow-up actions to any staff member in your office. View all open opportunities in a single dashboard. Coverage Insight organizes your future opportunities and helps your office run more smoothly so you can focus on what you do best instead of managing your calendar and staff.

Are you ready to transform your agency?

Coverage Insight Pricing Packages

  • Monthly Plan
    $39 month
    • Agent Prep
    • Customer List
    • Needs Assessment
    • Customer Insurance Reviews
    • Staff Member Assignment
    • Document Deliverability
    • Referral Automation
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